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Nano-Microbicides: Sex, Drugs & HIV Prevention

11 February 2022

About speaker

Prof. José das Neves


Prevention plays a key role in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Microbicides are topical products intended to prevent early viral transmission events at the vaginal and/or colorectal mucosae. Different products have been tested in multiple clinical trials, but their efficacy has been fairly modest. New formulation strategies have been proposed in order to solve this problem, including those based on nanotechnology. Our research group has been engaged in the development of nano-microbicides for the last decade, providing fundamental insights on the potential use of nanocarriers for enhancing the performance of promising microbicide drug candidates. This presentation will analyze our findings, namely on how different nanotechnology-based formulations can enhance local pharmacokinetics.

José das Neves is currently Assistant Researcher at the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health of the University of Porto in Portugal. He is also invited Professor at the University Institute of Health Sciences, CESPU, Portugal. José graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2003 and holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences since 2013 from the same university. José’s work focuses on the development of drug delivery strategies for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and lower female genital tract diseases. He is the co-author of 114 peer-reviewed articles and is the co-Editor of 4 scientific books. José is member of the editorial board of various journals, including Pharmaceutics, Nanomaterials and PLOS ONE.

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