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Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Healthcare Professionals Caring for Patients with Medication Dysphagia

6 October 2022

About speaker

Tan Poh Leng

Ms TAN Poh Leng is PhD student working under the supervision of A/Prof Chan Sui Yung and Dr Yap Kai Zhen. Her research interest is in optimizing the use of medications in the elderly population through various strategies, which include improving work processes for caregivers and developing novel medication delivery systems. In addition, she is also a certified geriatric pharmacist of the US Board of Pharmacy Specialties. She has ample experience as a community pharmacist involved in medication reviews at intermediate and long-term care settings and mentoring student interns.


Medication dysphagia (MD) refers to difficulty swallowing solid oral dosage forms. While studies have focused on patients’ perspectives, little is known about healthcare professionals’ (HCPs’) knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) towards MD.

This study aimed to examine HCPs’ KAP regarding MD. An asynchronous online focus group discussion (AOFG) was piloted with 7 pharmacists and expanded to another 13 HCPs. Thematic analysis of findings revealed gaps in HCPs’ knowledge on suitability of solid oral dosage form (SODF) modification for patients with MD, HCPs’ need for resources and multi-disciplinary collaboration to support decision-making, as well as the necessity of SODF modification in practice. Findings from this study can inform strategies to enhance care for patients with MD.

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