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Prof. Dr. Jennifer Dressman

Fraunhofer Institute of Translation Medicine and Pharmacology

Jennifer Dressman, who retired as Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology at the Goethe University in 2021, now leads a formulation group at the Fraunhofer Institute of Translation Medicine and Pharmacology in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Prof. Dressman’s research interests focus principally on predicting the in vivo performance of drugs and dosage forms after oral administration. She is best known for pioneering the use of Biorelevant dissolution testing and her contributions to combining dissolution testing with physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling in order to achieve quantitative predictions of oral drug absorption.

In recognition of her research excellence, she has been made a Fellow of the AAPS, the CRS, AJPST and the FIP. In 2008 she was awarded the Distinguished Scientist Award of the FIP and in 2017 was named the International Woman Pharmaceutical Scientist of the Year by the APSTJ. In 2022 a special issue of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences was dedicated to her contributions to the Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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