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Impact of Compaction Parameters on MUPS Tablet Properties

14 September 2023

About speaker

Daniel Robin Thio

Daniel obtained his BSc in Pharmacology from McGill University in 2019. After interning at different pharmaceutical companies and contributing to pharmaceutical product R&D, Daniel gained a keen interest in pursuing a postgraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Technology. This interest eventually drove him to pursue a MSc under A/Prof Heng and A/Prof Chan in the GEA-NUS Pharmaceutical Processing Research Laboratory. After completing his MSc research, Daniel converted to the PhD programme to continue his research in understanding pellet coat damage in MUPS tableting.


Multi-unit pellet system (MUPS) tablets provide a multitude of advantages for sustained release dosage forms. However, with the need to be tabletted, one major challenge is compaction induced pellet coat damage which undermines the desired sustained release function. Many strategies have been evaluated to mitigate the issue of coat damage but only some were successful. To date, the impact of compaction parameters such as precompression and tableting rate on sustained release MUPS tablets remain not well explored. In this presentation, the impact of altering how the MUPS tablets was produced was evaluated, and various benefits could be demonstrated.

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