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Competition among Researchers across Japan and South East Asia

Join us Online on August 2

6:30 PM SGT| 7:30 PM Japan| 4:00 pm India| 6:30 AM New York| 11:30 AM London


Celebrating Excellence: Top 3 Presentations from Each Category

2 Keynote Speakers

2 Sessions

Result Announcement and Award Ceremony

DRPI, short for Dissolution Research Presentations International, is back with its fourth edition, and this time, it is a global competition between researchers from five different regions of the world. The regions include India, Japan & South East Asia (JSEA), the USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The competition will have regional competitions, followed by global semifinals and finals online in September. The Japan & Southeast Asia (JSEA) chapter of DRPI was established in 2023 and is chaired by Professor Matthias G. Wacker from the National University of Singapore. DRPI-JSEA caters to the dynamic research landscape in the region and invites submissions from countries all over Asia. The competition is co-organised by the Department of Pharmacy, NUS-AAPS Student Chapter in partnership with Pharma Test, Sotax, Gaia Science, and Malvern Panalytical.

Invitation for Video Submissions

  • All the researcher whose abstract gets accepted as per online list of accepted abstracts, should prepare powerpoint slides, again distributed into Title, Background & Rationale, Method, Results, Data Analysis, and Conclusions. The References may be inserted in the slide towards the end or maybe inserted as Footnotes on individual slides.

  • Ensure that your slides are of high quality and clearly visible.

  • Nowhere in the Presentation should your identity or your organization’s identity be revealed. Do not add any acknowledgments, logos and/or sponsor names. Stick to purely technical Presentation. Your Presentation may get rejected in case your identity is revealed in any form.

  • The PowerPoint slides once ready, should be converted into a pre-recorded 10-minute Oral Video Presentation, wherein the clear video of the presenter shall appear on the top-right of the slides. Make sure the audio narration of the presenter is clearly audible and is pleasant to listen to it.

  • We expect a confident, enthusiastic, loud, and clear 10-minute Oral Video Presentation as the same presentation is evaluated at each stage ahead from Zonal to Semi-finals and All-India Finals, subsequent to selection at each stage.

  • You can use any platform to record your video Presentation. However, the instructions to use Free Zoom platform to record video Presentation is available here.

  • You’ll need to upload your 10-minute oral video presentation on YouTube and submit the link for further evaluation. Keep the ‘Visibility‘ setting of your YouTube video as 'unlisted'.

  • Please note: Before submitting the YouTube link of your video, please ensure that ‘Visibility’ setting of your YouTube video is not ‘Private‘. To ensure the same, visit your video link on a different device or browser without logging into your gmail/YouTube account or ask someone from family or friends to click on your video link and ensure that it is visible to all.

Some important tips for presenters

  • Slides need to be prepared using the presentation template.

  • Fonts should be plain (such as Arial) and of size at least 24 point (28 to 32 point font size is ideal).

  • For graphs, axes should be clearly labeled, lines thickened, and highly visible colors should be used. If you use symbols to differentiate among data sets, make sure that there is no merging.

  • If scanned images are used, make sure that they are sharp and clear, with all the text easily readable, preferably using a white background and black textIf image requires manipulation, use any good photo editor program to enhance the lines and/or change the color.

  • A better option is to redraw the graph or image and the reference shall be given as a footnote starting with the statement ‘Adapted from…’.

  • Avoid ‘busy’ slides packed with text or numbers. All text shall be presented as bullet points.

  • If you represent an Industry, please treat your competitors, as you would want yourself to be treated. Being a young researcher presentation event, please avoid claims of competitive advantage.

  • Practice your presentation in advance and time it within 10-minutes. If you cannot complete your talk in the allocated time of 10 minutes, reduce the number of slides.

  • Presentation recording should be done by presenting author only. Any unethical practice adopted will lead to disqualification.

Evaluation of the Video Presentation

  •  The video Presentations will be reviewed by DRPI-JSEA 2023 Scientific Committees and a list of Titles selected for the Finals will be put up on the website as per the key timelines.

  • Selected Presentations (Finalists) for DRPI-JSEA 2023 Finals will be announced on the website as per the key timelines.

  • DRPI-JSEA 2023 Finals would be conducted on Friday, Aug 02, 2023. This will also consist of the re-play of pre-recorded 10-minutes Presentation, followed by live Q&A for up to 5-minutes.

Scientific Committee Members

Dr. Chin Chiat Lee (JSEA guest judge)


A/P Celine Liew

Monash University Malaysia

Dr. Linda Hong (JSEA guest judge)

National University of Singapore

A/P Paul Heng

National University of Singapore

A/P Atsushi Kambayashi

Tokyo University of Science

A/P Matthias Wacker

National University of Singapore

Accepted Videos for Finals

Early-stage Researchers: 

  • Drug release from a biodegradable Chemo-Radioembolization agent loaded with Sm-153 Radionuclide and Doxorubicin

  • Developing and optimising an in vitro gel-based release assay for subcutaneously administered insulins with the USP dissolution apparatus IV

  • Development of Autoclave Stable Cationic Polymer Eluting Antifungal Contact Lenses for Fusarium Keratitis

Late-stage Researchers:

  • Ageing as a Stabilising Process for Sustainable Dissolution Enhancement in a Carrier Tailored Atovaquone Electrospun

  • Role of Cell Interactions of PLG Nanoparticles in the Drug Delivery Lifecycle

  • Understanding the Structure-Release Relationships of Sepineo

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